What Is Flexi-Marketing?

What They Are And How They’re Different

Our new approach to marketing, allowing your business to find what marketing works for you.

Our flexible marketing plans allow our clients to have access to a range of marketing services and consultancy for their business.

The client chooses a select amount of marketing time per month and we work with them in this time to produce a return of investment and business growth through these various services, changing and choosing as we work together to find the perfect path.

How are these plans different?
  • Compared to standard marketing services, our clients have the power to swap and change which types of marketing strategies and services we use to market their business.
  • Rather than the traditional “This is how much you pay, this is what you get” method, we adapt to how your business marketing is working and evolve to follow which areas are successful while split testing new ways to better improve.

Why Choose A Flexible Marketing Plan?

Introduction To Marketing
Introduction To Marketing
Lots of organisations don't have the resource or expertise to bring a marketing team or individual on-board to help grow and market.
Outsourced Marketing Department
Outsourced Marketing Department
Our flexible marketing plans give the opportunity to have an out-sourced marketing department at hand to closely work with.
Our Mission Is Your Success
Our Mission Is Your Success
We work with one goal in mind... to give your business the highest return of investment possible.

Where do we start?

We begin with an initial no-obligation consultation and, usually, the first month is used to form your businesses new marketing strategy from top to bottom! Once the first month is over, we get stuck in with some firstly suggested marketing services and we’ll continue to change and adapt our work from here on out!
Without Burst's great work, our establishment wouldn't be what it is today. Thank you!
Managing Director - La Sentidos Loca
The team always deliver on time and produce top quality work. We'll continue to use them.
David Rimmer
Financial Director - APL
Incredible return on investment and always a pleasure to work with! Thank You, Adam.
Managing Director - Reflections CIC

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